Early childhood pre-school enrichment  

Please contact us for details. 

We’d love to bring music to life to your school

720-253-7673  anya@ridethemusictrain.com

Classes run 20-30 minutes, depending on age group, & include: sing-a-longs; hands on time with a variety of instruments; tonal and rhythm patterns; structured & free dance; rhymes and finger plays; lullabies; creative movement; prop play with scarves, parachutes and balls; rhythmic reading and parent/teacher education.

Some of the songs and activities are themed around a various music genres including  Jazz, Classical, World Rhythms, Rock, Bluegrass & Americana, Holiday .  We believe great music is great music no matter what your age so we expose kids to all types of music. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or feedback.

Through songs, rhymes, stories and dance The Music Train explores the fundamentals of music through play while exposing children to many styles and genres of music.


We support all personalities & learning styles. We focus on whole child development, helping build physical, emotional, social & cognitive skills while nurturing creativity & imagination.


Every child has the ability to sing in tune and keep accurate rhythm, The Music Train enrichment program helps to lay down the foundation for this musical learning and growth.